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1 Belts

Wilhelm's Pride

 Exceptional Set
Battle Belt

 Defense: 75
 Durability: 18
 Req Strength: 88
 Req level: 42
 Quality level: 41
 Treasure class: 51
 Belt boxes: 16
+75% Enhanced Defense
5% Life Stolen Per Hit
5% Mana Stolen Per Hit
Cold Resist +10%

Part of set: Orphan's Call



Wilhelm's Pride
is unique for being the only
that grants dual leech. It is generally overshadowed by other options for physical characters, such as
String of Ears
Nosferatu's Coil

Although the set bonuses are lackluster,
Whitstan's Guard
Guillaume's Face
are both strong and may be incidentally used with
Wilhelm's Pride
Description by Khegan

Upped Value(s)

If upgraded to
Troll Belt
Defense: 115

Upgrade recipe:

NB These are the perfect values possible for a level 99 character.

Can be used to make Runewords:


On the trade market

Active trades (latest 20, 3h cache):


Prices and Demand

Sold for: (last 10, 3d lag, 1d cache)

1 Perfect Amethyst    1 week ago
3 Perfect Gems    1 week ago
1 Perfect Amethyst    1 month ago
1 Perfect Ruby    8 months ago
1 Perfect Gems    10 months ago
1 Perfect Amethyst , 1 Perfect Gems    1 year ago
1 Perfect Amethyst    1 year ago
FREE    1 year ago
2 Perfect Ruby , 2 Perfect Skull , 1 Perfect Gems    1 year ago
1 Perfect Ruby    1 year ago

Sales volume (last 18m, 3d cache):

Wilhelm's Pride


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