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Teebling  (Site Administrator)

Details Yes
Ladder: No (Non-Ladder)
Expansion: Yes
Hardcore: No (Softcore)
Platform: PC
Region: Europe
Bnet ID: Teebling#2172
Discord ID: teebling#5444
In-game name: Teebling
Forum level:
Favourite item: uniques/silks-of-the-victor-t2.html

About me

Hey I'm Teebling :) I made and have been playing D2 for a while...

IRL I work at sea as a navigation officer. When I'm on leave I mainly spend my time working on this website and watching Ocarina of Time speedruns.

Hope you guys enjoy this place and looking forward to getting to know you all. Anything you need feel free to send me a PM!

Trade Activity

Trust level: 1

Past (sold) trades:

Harlequin Crest • Sold 4 weeks ago


Joined: 8 months ago
Last active: 44 minutes ago

Likes received: 1674
Likes given: 1060

Total posts: 7898
Topics started:  3492

Most active forum: Contributions
(3695 Posts / 46.78% of user’s posts)

Most active topic: [Fixed] Resurrected won't start/launch at all... cannot play. AVX the culprit? (Windows 10)
(26 Posts / 0.33% of user’s posts)
Total answers:
Total topics:
2213 | Search user’s topics
(1.91% of all topics / 8.58 topics per day)


Data contributions: 174
Descriptions written: 277
Comments on entries: 39
Bugs reported: 7
Feedback given: 6

Latest posts

Testing this more and it seems that it's not enough to just update the last post tim in the query, looking into it further but no promises on if it's … 12 hours ago
I liked this idea so much that I coded it straight away on the dev environment Working-ish and will ship with patch 1.0 when it's ready. Code: Sele… 13 hours ago
Added to fix list 14 hours ago


Unused for now




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