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1 Helms


Patch 1.10 Runeword


Req level: 51

3 socket  Helms

1% Chance To Cast Level 50 Delirium (morph) When Struck
6% Chance To Cast Level 14 Mind Blast When Struck
14% Chance To Cast Level 13 Terror When Struck
11% Chance To Cast Level 18 Confuse On Striking
+2 To All Skills
+261 Defense
+10 To Vitality
50% Extra Gold From Monsters
25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Level 17 Attract (60 Charges)




Can be used to make Runewords:


On the trade market

Active trades (latest 20, 3h cache):


Prices and Demand

Sold for: (last 10, 3d lag, 1d cache)

10 Perfect Skull  
 1 month ago
1 Perfect Gems  
 2 months ago
1 Pul    5 months ago
1 Ist  
 1 year ago
1 Mal , 1 Pul   Sup  1 year ago
1 Um , 1 Pul    1 year ago
2 Ist    1 year ago
1 Mal    1 year ago
2 Key of Terror    1 year ago
43 Perfect Gems    1 year ago

Sales volume (last 18m, 3d cache):

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Teebling Admin

Europe PC
The fact that this runeword grants +2 to all skills makes it particularly useful for using on class specific helms.

For example, making a Delirium in a Barbarian helm with +3
Battle Orders
, or a Druid helm with +3
to get a whopping +5 to either skill, relatively cheaply!
Is the foundation for the Manic Pixie Dreamgirl type Rogue hireling, guide found here

 Deleted User 632

Delirium morph
  • Duration: 60 seconds (1500 frames)
  • Walk/Run Speed: +33% (+1.32 yards per second)
  • Attack Speed: +33%
  • All Other Animations: +33% (This includes Hit Recovery, Blocking, Casting Speed etc.)
All Skills are restricted, with the exception of:
  • Attack and Unsummon
  • All Druid summoning spells
  • Werewolf
    (using these during morph will morph you back into your 'normal' form)
  • 'Rogue' skills (see below)
Delirium facts
  • Auras: All auras can still be active during morph. These include all paladin physical point skills, plus any +aura from equipped items. All aura effects can be stacked as normal, including druid spirits, barbarian warcries,
    , Venom,
    Burst of Speed
    and paladin aura effects.
  • Passive skills: Passive skills still work during morph (NB Lycantrophy does not add a life or duration bonus to Delirium morph)
  • There is no difference between a level 1 and a level 50 Delirium morph.
  • The +% bonus to animation speed affect
    animation rates are set at 8 frames, no matter what.
  • Act 2 mercenary does not lose his aura if he morph. He won't use
    , as it is restricted.
  • Act 1 mercenary unlike the other mercenaries will retain all of her previous abilities, including her respective cold and fire
  • Act 3 mercenary can still attack, but his AI will make it awkward.
  • Act 5 mercenary can still attack, though as with all mercenaries except the rogue, he can't use
  • All of the skills in the game are restricted, including all monster skills, they will not work on mercenaries during morph. Exception mentioned above.
  • When you reach 0 hp your sent back into your human form, and have only 1 hit point left.
  • You can use town portals during morph.
  • Talking to the town healer does not deactivate morph. You can deactivate morph by switching acts, either via waypoints or by various NPC's/Portals.
  • Morphing doesn't increase or decrease your damage in any way directly.
  • During morph, your attack speed is basically set to whatever your base attack speed is normally, but with a +33% increase.
  • Chance to Cast skills still work during morph. Which means morph can activate and deactivate if hit.
  • Shadow Warrior
    still copy your selected skills, even though they're not usable.
  • You can still block during morph.
  • If you morph wielding a ranged weapon, you will do the same damage, but the effective range will be cut down to 1 i.e. you must be in melee range.
  • Frame-by-frame attacks, for example
    Fire Wall
    , can activate and deactivate morph.
Facts from Maxx Power

 Deleted User 632

Give it to your merc, and it becomes the perfect tool for cow control :P
: 18
Radius (yards): 15.3
Duration (seconds) (Normal): 44
Duration (seconds) (Nightmare): 22
Duration (seconds) (Hell): 11
Mana Cost: 13
Mind Blast
: 14
Duration (seconds): 10
Mana Cost: 15
Damage Min: 54
Damage Max: 64
Length (seconds): 4.6
% Chance to Convert: 34


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