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Bnet ID: AǂNecrarch#2868  
In-game name: Nicodemus (nec) / Nysteria (sin) / Nosferia (zon)
Ladder: No (Non-Ladder)
Hardcore: No (Softcore)
Platform: PC
Expansion: Yes (LoD)
Region: Europe Yes (Multiplayer)
Class: Necromancer
Forum level:
Donator • Made a donation to the site.

About me

Non-ladder (almost) only !
If you match the price I ask, feel free to add me on Bnet without waiting for the answer.

Used to play D2 when it came out, now playing as an elder having fun like at those good old times.
Less available on week-ends due to family reasons. :)

Seems I ended up as moderator here, that's an honor ! Hope I can help out the community. :)

As for trades, I have done some crafting, please check the Crafted Items tab of my stash for more info.

Trade Stats

Refreshes daily
Current trust level: 1009
Active trades: 131
Sold trades (last 3 days): 2
All-time sales: 860
All-time purchases: 203

Site Stats

Joined: 2 years ago
Last active: 15 minutes ago

Likes received: 1732
Likes given: 2001

Total posts: 5037

Most active forum: Forums
(1956 Posts / 38.83% of user’s posts)

Most active topic: Uber Diablo occurrence record keeping (Softcore Non-Ladder)
(271 Posts / 5.38% of user’s posts)
Total answers:
Total topics:
33 | Search user’s topics
(0.11% of all topics / 0.04 topics per day)


Refreshes daily
Data contributions: 0
Descriptions written: 2
Comments on entries: 1309
Bugs reported: 1
Feedback given: 3
Questions answered: 10
Dclone reports: 930

Latest posts

In my memories, this used to be the case back in LoD, but no more in D2R. 5 hours ago
That's because it's not a trade 7 hours ago
Perhaps better not hurry and complete the game fine. Hardcore and "I don't have much time gotta do this" are not very compatible. 12 hours ago



Main: Necromancer / Second: Assassin / Third: Amazon / Check my stash and my crafts including my caster belts :), and my many cheap Annihilus / Accepting payment in L or NL currency though I only play NL
Unused for now
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