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Festering Essence of Destruction
is dropped by
on Hell difficulty.

One of the four essences required for
Recipe: Token of Absolution
Description by Khegan

Can be used to make Runewords:


On the trade market

Active trades (latest 20, 3h cache):


Prices and Demand

Sold for: (last 10, 3d lag, 1d cache)

1 Ist , -2 Festering Essence of Destruction    1 week ago
2 Burning Essence of Terror    1 week ago
2 Burning Essence of Terror    2 weeks ago
4 Burning Essence of Terror    1 month ago
1 Lo , -8 Festering Essence of Destruction    1 month ago
1 Vex    1 month ago
1 Ohm    2 months ago
1 Ber , -16 Festering Essence of Destruction    2 months ago
1 Ist    2 months ago
-3 Festering Essence of Destruction , 3 Twisted Essence of Suffering , 3 Charged Essence of Hatred , 3 Burning Essence of Terror    2 months ago

Sales volume (last 18m, 3d cache):

Festering Essence of Destruction
Always the most in demand essence on Bnet. There is far from a fixed exchange rate when swapping colors, but expect to get multiple of the others for each of your green.


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