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Bnet ID: Th3ory#11597  
Discord ID: THΞФЯУ#3057
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About me

Like many of you, I am a 20 year+ Diablo vet that still has deep rooted passions for the game. The last five years I have pivoted mainly into primarily Hardcore. Can find me actively streaming on Twitch below and my YouTube for VOD.

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Most active topic: Zeal Paladin Dying Issue
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Latest posts

worstd2playerever wrote: 9 hours ago Th3ory wrote: 10 hours ago I just dropped a thorough review video tonight on Final patch notes. I've included… 9 hours ago
BillyMaysed wrote: 9 hours ago Teebling wrote: 19 hours ago Mosaic has been updated to Mal + Gul + Amn. image.png lol you should watch this … 9 hours ago
They also didn't mention updates on the restrict states which will be a terrible game-play experience without being able to re-bo / cast/teleport for … 10 hours ago


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