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Tiamat's Rebuke

 Exceptional Unique
Dragon Shield

 Defense: 163-204
 Durability: 116
 Req Strength: 91
 Req level: 38
 Quality level: 46
 Treasure class: 45
 Class block: Pal: 48%
Ama/Asn/Bar: 43%
Dru/Nec/Sor: 38%
 Paladin smite dmg: 15-24
+140-200% Enhanced Defense
Adds 27-53 Cold Damage - 6 Second Duration
Adds 35-95 Fire Damage
Adds 1-120 Lightning Damage
3% Chance To Cast Level 6 Hydra When Struck
5% Chance To Cast Level 7 Nova When Struck
5% Chance To Cast Level 9 Frost Nova When Struck
All Resistances +25-35%




Upped/Ethereal Value(s)

If upgraded to
Defense: 444

Upgrade recipe:

If also Ethereal:
Defense: 666
NB These are the perfect values possible for a level 99 character.

Can be used to make Runewords:


On the trade market

Active trades (latest 20, 3h cache):


Prices and Demand

Sold for: (last 10, 3d lag, 1d cache)

1 Ist    2 months ago
3 Perfect Gems    6 months ago
2 Hel    11 months ago
1 Pul    1 year ago
15 Perfect Gems    1 year ago
1 Key of Terror   Perf Sup  1 year ago
1 Fal    1 year ago
1 Fal    1 year ago
1 Key of Terror , 1 Key of Hate    1 year ago
1 Pul    1 year ago

Sales volume (last 18m, 3d cache):

Tiamat's Rebuke
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Teebling Admin

Europe PC
Tiamat's Rebuke
display on char selection
This is a really cool shield for the level! Besides the resists, procs, defense, and a chance to block, it also adds a lot of elemental damage for its level. Basically making your one handed weapon hit like a 2 handed weapon and help against enemies with resists or high armor depending on your build and choice of weapon. You can get the most out of it in my opinion with a fast one handed weapon, or add even more survivability if you're a barb using
with a hard hitting weapon in the other hand. If so, it goes great with armor that increases IAS like Hustle or Treachery!. This is one of those old uniques that is under rated imo, newer rune words can really make it shine.


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