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Lam Esen's Tome: Quest

Act 3 Quest • Optional

16 The Tome is always in the Ruined Temple.

Starts with:



5 Stat points
Cost of buying items in Kurast Docks reduced by 10%


Lam Esen's Tome
is always found in the
Ruined Temple
Kurast Bazaar
, to which the character will travel while completing
Khalim's Will: Quest

Click on the stairs to lower them to the entrance of the
Ruined Temple
, then enter.
Description by Stormlash

Encounters on this Quest

Other NPCs & Superuniques:

Battlemaid Sarina

Areas of interest:

Kurast Bazaar

Ruined Temple

Items utilised:

Lam Esen's Tome



Alkor tells you there is a very special book you must find for him.

It was written long ago by a sage known as Lam Esen, who studied Skatsimi magic and the effects of the Prime Evils on the mortal world.

The Black Book was lost when the Children of Zakarum took over this land.

Now, you must reclaim it without delay!

Its knowledge may aid us in this dark time ahead.

Can be used to make Runewords:

The Altar that holds Lam Esen's Tome.
The Altar that holds Lam Esen's Tome.
In my personal experience so far, I've never been able to get
to initiate the quest thru dialogue. I've always had to bloody get the tome myself, and on one of my chars, I've totally overlooked the quest until I reached Hell difficulty and had to go back and hunt down the tomes for all prior difficulties, lol. #annoyingforgottensidequest
For every character other than the Barbarian, 5 attribute points will provide less than 20 life, making this quest reward generally less impactful than that of
The Golden Bird


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