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Trang Oul
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Bnet ID: TrangOul#1537  
Discord ID: Trang Oul#7277
Forum level:
Contributor • Helped with the growth of significantly through data input, descriptions, or informative forum posts.
Donator • Made a donation to the site.

Trade Stats

Refreshes daily
Current trust level: 1
Active trades: 0
Sold trades (last 3 days): 0
All-time sales: 3
All-time purchases: 0
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Site Stats

Joined: 1 year ago
Last active: 3 hours ago

Likes received: 240
Likes given: 1058

Total posts: 283
Topics started:  6

Most active forum: Forums
(218 Posts / 77.03% of user’s posts)

Most active topic: Everything that we, as a community, believe needs to be fixed or improved in D2R
(9 Posts / 3.18% of user’s posts)
Total topics:
6 | Search user’s topics
(0.02% of all topics / 0.01 topics per day)


Refreshes daily
Data contributions: 0
Descriptions written: 91
Comments on entries: 46
Bugs reported: 4
Feedback given: 0
Questions answered: 0
Dclone reports: 0

Latest posts

Teebling wrote: 5 hours ago This is a frontend/UX nightmare as it would be hard to tell people whether they are multi-selecting or choosing between … 4 hours ago
geo89 wrote: 7 hours ago The thing is, how much money is that actually gonna make them compared to how much money they would have to pour into devel… 6 hours ago
Crispin wrote: 17 hours ago auras stack only on the same char. if you have a lvl16 aura and your merc a lvl17 aura of the same type on you, the lvl1… 10 hours ago
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