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Do you remember your first character? If so, what was it?

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Actual first char? This would be 1.09, and probably a summoner Druid since I loved that aesthetic as a kid, but I gave up on whatever it was once I hit Nightmare, and started over with a Firewall sorc, which at the time was pretty strong even with very budget gear.

Edit lol just realized the person before me necromanced this thread.
Pusspitter and
on my Bone mancer. Still have 0 regrets, dont think i ever did anything im hell that wasnt with a team. Lol. I remember my brother making a poison jav amazon and used Ice on his swap with
Guided Arrow
. Classic I have a barb with dual PB with 5 p
and p
in one and 5 sapphires and p
in other using
Double Swing
, pretty sire he is still dead in
Arcane Sanctuary

Xbox GT: Cinomed541 add me if you need someone to play with.
Yeah I remember that first summer when it came out!
Saw it at my buddys house and was stuck right away… I tried every char but the first real one that I commited to was an
sorc offline. I have played sorc ever since then.
I couldnt get passed act 3 back then because my pc would get bluescreen.
I used to do mf runs killing
Cold Plains
haha those were the days
Yup, played Diablo 2 at launch. Made it all the way through hell difficulty.

I specifically remember getting pissed at the fact that my gimpy
barb who was equipped with... god knows what kind of trash was getting 1-shot by Hephasto and generally having a tough time of it while my necro-playing brother was roflstomping everything with
Corpse Explosion

I'm pretty sure I was speccing points in a 2 str / 2 dex / 1 vit split. I remember how mind-blowing it was when eventually I read people would dump as many points into vitality as humanly possible.

My most treasured possession was a set of Godly
Ornate Plate
that had a huge defense value. I was smart enough not to equip it in favor of a chest with better resistance scores, at least.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly through if you're interested in one of my items, especially if I don't respond immediately to a thread I've posted.
many moons ago, it was a chargedin, pure dumm fun and frustration
Mine was a
Paladin, way back when the game was initially released. I didn't even have my own computer and played on a friend's. They had 3 computers in a LAN and we played TCP/IP, duping every "nice" item that dropped and distributing it to all other characters. It was hilarious, my cousin's Sorceress was slashing the enemies with my Paladin's sword, etc. Best of times :D
It was a
paladin at launch pre-expansion. He used to swap (from inventory :D) to bowadin in
Chaos Sanctuary
because of iron maidens, in polish translation Diablo says "You've come this far just to die" and yep he died a couple times in those first runs :D
barb spin to win
Yeah, it was a random paladin build. I always liked the classic sword and board for its simplicity to learn the game. After that I tried the other warrior builds (barb/ama), then switched to the caster classes and haven't played warrior class types since. The exception being trying out the druid and assassin when LoD was released.

Personally, I go with the simple warrior classes when trying out a new RPG to get a feel for the mechanics, before I invest time with the mage classes.
Do we count Diablo 1? If so than Warrior.

For Diablo 2 it was Barbarian, but for the love of anything I can't remember the build. I bought the game a week after release (couldn't on day 1 because of swimming camp) and I had no internet connection until late 2002, so most of characters I've made where just random things I've came up with.
And my highest character level was Bowazon on single player at 95.
Fen wrote: 4 months ago
Mines wrote: 4 months ago
Mine was nacro i reach till diablo normal. After 5 time raise skeletal army i put his hp 20% left. My merc died so many time and one hit he kill whole my army. So i decided to change merc from act 2 to act 1 any goes full blown action to kill him and Guess what his hp regain to full. I feel hopeless and stop playing.
Sounds like my first Character. Chosen to become a summoner Necro on release of D2. Was about lvl 20 when I met Diablo first time and couldn't stand a chance - hell I don't even know how I got there :D. Gladly my brother and friends played too, so they could help me beat the Prime Evil - Diablo.
Haha... I remember, i choosing gear like go to merchant and see which has more selling value then equip it and sell the less one 🤣
Classic d2 as well, necro (same as now), sort of mix between bonemancer and summoner. That was the time when act 5 did not exist, neither did respec, but apart from the "one point in each skill to test" I had lots in skellies and
Bone Spear
, making the build playable. Ended up beating hell diablo at about level 75, and came back after to social life after a few months of not going out much ^^.

Now, playing less, still passionate, but have to alternate daemons and crowd handling with kid management : not the same life :D

Non-ladder only !

Main: Necromancer / Second: Assassin / Check my stash and my caster belts factory :)
palladin d2 without expansion.
friend play necro and found cathan armor on normal. thats was emazing
I played a WW barb on classic, after my friend in high school gave me a Grandfather to convince me to play. I never should have accepted that damned sword! I could have been somebody...


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