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Should we name and shame private low ball offers who clearly are trying to take advantage.

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Can be used to make Runewords:

Previously, Traderie's prices were about the same here. Then a lot of asian players came there with completely wild pricing. In addition, these guys are willing to spend real money on runes. The Asian market is much larger than the European and American market due to the large number of players.

is currently worth $0.40, as you can imagine, not such a large amount that you can earn in real life. But to farm this rune, you need to spend a lot more time. Right now I'm working on a Hammerdin for P8 Grush and I'm willing to pay
for the skillers I need. Despite the fact that this is an overpayment, and the real cost of these skillers, in my opinion, is about

My point is that any thing that someone wants to buy costs exactly as much as a person is willing to offer for it. It's the same with works of art, etc. My income from a group rush for 3 hours is about 15
(1,5h for 40lvl bumper + 1,5h for rush). Only $ 2 per hour, and every week the runes depreciate more and more. But I'm not going to invest real money, I just love to play and trading also gives me pleasure.

I think my example is clear. Maybe the person who wanted to buy your skiller is just a reseller, maybe he just priced it at that price, while other people rated it differently. Our life is not endless. Appreciate your time and do not get upset over trifles.


Thank you so much for the feedback everyone. This is my first time posting in a forum and I'm loving the calmness and pure logic of everyone's posts.

Everyone here has made a decent point and at the end of the day just as in real life it's good to be patient and look up an item for their real value.

Thanks Everyone.

(edited for spelling and grammar)
I Just created a game "O
n 3PG".
10 people joined in 3 minutes and kept comming and leaving.
Either they're all are noobs or lowballers.
I am mad and sold it to
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Necrarch 1798Moderator

Necromancer Europe PC
Use the command /whois to check their real Bnet ID.

Trading in game is a rather weird experience.


Main: Necromancer / Second: Assassin / Third: Amazon / Check my stash and my crafts including my caster belts :), and my many cheap
/ Accepting payment in L or NL currency though I only play NL
Haha, well said. The huge advantage of a site like this: You prepare all the needed info once and nobody bothers you until someone is really interested and agrees to your suggested price. Ingame... man, you are showcasing your stuff 50 times to sell only one item (mostly the most worthless one) and have tons of lines to read and type without anything in return.

BUT: Sometimes people are grateful and throw stuff on the Ground when leaving. This week someone bought nothing, but left 15 essences of different colours on the floor before leaving.

On the other hand, sometimes you meet one or another douche. I open a game called "Free Stuff 4 U" on a regular basis (someone might be happy about his first
Isenhart's Case
) where I throw stuff on the Ground that I don't need and that's not worth the effort of selling it. Once, there came a dude, looked at the items on the floor and wrote in the chat something like "Scam! This is just a load of crap!" and left the game. I couldn't resist to whisper at him that the game was called "Free Stuff 4 U" and not "Free Endgame Stuff 4 U". He didn't answer that ^^

Overall, the number of kind people is significantly higher than the number of douchebags, and that's nice :)

Feel free to make alternative offers. Runes or
Perfect Gems
are always welcome.
If you agree with my price suggestion, add me on BattleNet.


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