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Description by Teebling

Can be used to make Runewords:

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Teebling 5198Admin

Europe PC

Patch 1.39 - Ladder Season 2, Sundered Charms, Bug Fixes

This was a large update: details and discussion on patch 1.39 can be found here.

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Teebling 5198Admin

Europe PC

Patch 1.41 - Ladder Season 3, Freeze Trades, Timestamps etc.

This was a large update: details and discussion on patch 1.41 can be found here.

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Teebling 5198Admin

Europe PC

Patch 1.42 - Ladder Season 4 mini-patch v1.42 has been successfully deployed! :D
This is a minor upgrade that prepares the site for Ladder season 4 and fixes a few bugs. If you're looking for other development logs (before 1.42) click here. Okay here we go!

Ladder season 4
  • All active Ladder trades that were listed during Ladder Season 3 (and not marked sold, and not marked WTB) will be converted to Non-Ladder listings on the 4th May when the new season begins. This is to account for what happens in-game where all Ladder S3 chars become Non-Ladder.
  • Inside each trade listing that has been converted to Non-Ladder, there will be an indication banner showing that this the listing was converted to Non-Ladder at the start of S4. This banner will not show if you re-mark the trade as Ladder for whatever reason.
  • All items listed as Ladder in the marketplace from 4th May onwards on are considered to be fresh items on the new Ladder (ie characters playing Ladder S4).
  • Don't forget to update your profile settings to Ladder or Non-Ladder, so that any newly created trades you make default to the correct filters.
Other small changes & fixes
  • Added ladder season 4 filter + indicator to historical price check UI
  • Re-enabled countdown to ladder season 4 on home page
  • Fixed bug with freeze trades feature that was causing frozen trades to expire
  • Reduced graph durations to 18 months for items and general trade volume graphs
  • Added a Non-Ladder data series to the large graph on the trade stats page.
  • On this graph the default view is now Ladder vs Non-Ladder trade volume, platforms and HC can be revealed by clicking legend.
  • Added a simple captcha to the contact admin form which has gotten way more spammy for me recently (GPT?)
  • On database entry pages, and in footers of trade listings, the list of recent prices has been shifted above the volume graph in the 'prices and demand' block.
  • Tore down and reinstalled a new version of the @mention tag, pray it works better than the last one for you guys.
  • You should be able to mention groups like Moderators too. Nope, working on dev and broken in prod :)
  • Made WTB tags in stash tabs green to match rest of UI, I missed this last round.
  • Fixed misaligned nav gem under database link under 1356px breakpoint.
  • Fixed duplicate pagination elements appearing when database entry pages get a 2nd page of comments.
  • Fixed various icon sizing bugs on mobile on the dclone tracker page.
  • Added a Dclone block to the home page, can't believe I'd missed this lol.
As usual please refresh your browser cache before reporting a new bug.



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