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Nightmare creations come to life with the will of enough evil. You can run, for now.
Description by CitationNumber


Spawns in area(s):

Spider Forest

Kurast Sewers Level 1



The wet, humid atmosphere of the Kehjistan rainforest is an environment perfect for fly and mosquito larvae. Pools of stagnant water gather after the frequent rain storms, providing excellent spots for the adults of these species to lay their eggs.

Some of the mosquitoes found here are enormous, with wingspans as large as four feet. Luckily the larger species are also much more rarely encountered than their smaller cousins.

Giant mosquitoes, referred to locally as "suckers," are known disease carriers. Their large size makes them appropriate targets for hand or missile weapons.

These insects can quickly drain the blood from a victim, causing a quick loss of stamina, making escape extremely difficult. By themselves, Suckers are not usually deadly.

However, if other threats lurk nearby, Suckers will drain a victim's stamina while other creatures move in for the kill.

Can be used to make Runewords:

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Teebling Admin

Europe PC
Nightmare creations come to life with the will of enough evil. You can run, for now.


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