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Discord ID: RyderSelexin#1527
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About me

I have played diablo 2 since 2000. This has been my most played game, closely followed by world of warcraft (vanilla, tbc, wrath and private server and classic versions in particular).

I do not tend toward cookie cutter builds. I have never had a hammerdin, and I don't expect I ever will. You will usually find me trying out an obscure Druid build, or something else a little 'odd'. I love theorycrafting diablo and trying new and fun builds.

I am excited for D2R more than I have been than for any other release since Lord of Destruction or original WoW launch. I really cannot wait. I have been continuing to play diablo 2 on on and off since early 2000's and having a high population and real life friends playing again fills my heart with joy.

Message me!

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Energy and Mana aren't really direct replacements of Vitality, since no one is investing a required amount of energy to wear gear like strength/dex. W… 1 week ago
Looking to get a price check on this: Ladder Softcore image.png 1 week ago
Darq wrote: 4 months ago Or it is finally the last call to drop softcore and only play hardcore. This 100% is what you should be doing. There is n… 4 months ago
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