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Byte-Size  (Donator)


Class: Necromancer Yes
Ladder: Yes
Expansion: Yes
Hardcore: No (Softcore)
Platform: PC
Region: Americas
Bnet ID: BlazingAngel#1857
Discord ID: Byte-Size#4672
Forum level:
Donator • Made a donation to the site.

About me

Machine Learning Engineer by day, ZooKeeper or Sorc by night :D

Feel free to talk to me about whatever!

Trade Activity

Trust level: 2

Active trades:

Insight ETH CV (lvl 16) • Posted 5 days ago

Past (sold) trades:

Monarch 4os 12ED (166) • Sold 5 days ago
Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth • Sold 1 week ago
Vex • Sold 2 weeks ago
Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth • Sold 3 weeks ago


Joined: 4 weeks ago
Last active: 1 day ago

Likes received: 11
Likes given: 1

Total posts: 62
Topics started:  8

Most active forum: Forums
(3 Posts / 4.84% of user’s posts)

Most active topic: Server nearly died, report for you guys
(2 Posts / 3.23% of user’s posts)
Total topics:
3 | Search user’s topics
(0.00% of all topics / 0.11 topics per day)


Data contributions: 0
Descriptions written: 0
Comments on entries: 0
Bugs reported: 0
Feedback given: 2

Latest posts

I'm all for transparency and community involvement, and I think this entire site and posts like this speak volumes to that. You're doing awesome @Teeb… 2 weeks ago
Morph21 wrote: 2 weeks ago Keep up the good work. This website is a bless while trading in d2. Scalability and servers issues are not easy to fix s… 2 weeks ago
The Lore runeword has a "+1 to all skill levels" should be switched to "+1 to all skills" Currently, it will not match for filtering by "+ all skills… 3 weeks ago
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