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Nightwing's Veil

 Elite Unique
Spired Helm

 Defense: 304-352
 Durability: 40
 Req Strength: 96
 Req level: 67
 Quality level: 75
 Treasure class: 81
+90-120% Enhanced Defense
+2 To All Skills
+8-15% To Cold Skill Damage
+10-20 To Dexterity
+5-9 Cold Absorb
Half Freeze Duration
Requirements -50%




Ethereal Value(s)

If Ethereal:
Defense: 528
NB These are the perfect values possible for a level 99 character.

Can be used to make Runewords:


On the trade market

Active trades (latest 20, 3h cache):


Prices and Demand

Sales volume (last 24m, 3d cache):

Nightwing's Veil

Sold for: (last 10, 3d lag, 1d cache)

1 Gul    4 days ago
1 Ist    4 days ago
1 Ohm    4 days ago
1 Vex  
 5 days ago
1 Jah    6 days ago
2 Key of Hate    1 week ago
1 Ist    1 week ago
1 Gul    1 week ago
1 Ber , 1 Ist    1 week ago
1 Gul , 1 Ist , 1 Um    1 week ago

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Teebling Admin

Europe PC
A top choice, if not BiS, for a Riftsin. Her
Frozen Orb
spam benefits from this a lot, and the +2 to all skills, def and Ice absorb are nice defensive stats.


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