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Can be used to make Runewords:

yes, I maxed
for the AR, 16 points in
Holy Shield
, although I think I could take that down again and put it in
for more physical damage.
you don't need
with a zealer in general. if you are over 72% attack speed
becomes close to useless.
the only thing you benefit from with
is your physical damage increase and since Grief is very strong I'm not sure if you really need or even feel a difference (haven't tested it yet). also,
boosts your AR but only 135% and a
boosts it 200%. so there's nothing to gain either.
true, I have
already but usually I put
and run. I actually never change my
aura to anything else.

yes, Last Wish is a very special weapon in every sense of the word.
it is a similar effect like with a kicksin. if you have 100% crushing blow on a kicksin and fairly low damage overall farming is incredibly tedious because you take ages for normal mobs, BUT go to
and he will melt (actually needs three kicks) where Izi is usually very tanky. Last Wish is similar in that regard.
also true what you say, Grief is very, very strong and Last Wish is not a replacement for Grief.

edit: I also tried the passive AR boost from
Blessed Aim
. that's not worth it either. the passive boost is too low. at least for a tesladin.
also, if I put
as my main attack for Ubers for example, I need dracul's. next problem: you lose 350% extra damage against demons and 20% attack speed because you have to take off
Laying of Hands
. atm, I have 528% extra damage against demons which is a massive damage boost.
so, all in all I'd rather take down points from vitality and put them into dex to boost my AR further hoping to get up to 15k.
Thanks for the responses and the discussion =).

I typically
my way through
Uber Baal
using Grief, Fortitude, Dracs and Gore Riders rather than my non-uber kit of HoJ/Dragon/Chancies/War Travs. But!... I also tend to run ubers with my brother on a IK WW Barb, so honestly
is really only a matter of optimization on which one kills him faster.

Serious Newb questions but... Might and
only impact Physical dmg? I honestly thought they impacted Aura dmg also. I haven't noticed a real difference from a Faith Act1 Merc and the Pride Act2 Merc in clear speeds.

I mostly run
Arcane Sanctuary
Halls of Pain
River of Flame
/Diablo, WSK/
, and Ubers. Auras mostly clear the trash and I
for range, Nameds and whatever is left.

My Merc never really dies, other than the random
Corpse Explosion
or if I decide do some Trav runs. He's got Eth Fort, Pride, non-Eth Andy's.

Anyhow, most of this is optimization since I'm mostly in P1 games and all of the gear options can handle the job =). I decided to try HoJ/Dragon in 2.4 just because the changes to
Holy Fire
seemed too good to pass up. I even tinkered with an Act5 Merc (gave him the HoJ/Dragon) and just equipped my Grief/Fort, but he never seemed to build up much
BC things kind of die too quickly. I was thinking of giving him the 2x HoJ/Dragon/Flickering Flame kit, but figured the Might/Conc auras would be more helpful.

Anyhow, thanks again for the discussion. If I make the Infinity, I'll probably leave it on my Sorc's merc but might give it a run with a respec on the Pally just for kicks.

Condaan wrote: 1 month ago
Serious Newb questions but... Might and
only impact Physical dmg? I honestly thought they impacted Aura dmg also. I haven't noticed a real difference from a Faith Act1 Merc and the Pride Act2 Merc in clear speeds.
Laying of Hands
and its +350% damage
Highlord's Wrath
and the deadly strike it grants (for that matter read
Gore Rider
as having CB and OW only)

/Grand charm skillers
All of those affect your physical component of your total damage which is the hundreds range and therefore poor choices.

Nothing except for the IAS breakpoints,
, and synergies matter for a pure auradin. Bad thing is your damage has a hard
at -100% resists and max speed. Good thing is your DPS will be through the roof anyway and inventory can be empty for loot.
Tesladin will look more menacing on paper but bear in mind that most enemies in hell have some sort of physical resistance which cuts into your dmg output drastically. Queegon#2438

Check my items for trade.
You can swap between them based on rarity with the stash tabs!


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