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Greetings stranger! If you want to introduce yourself with a few words (or just say hi), here's the place to post :) It would be cool to know where you heard about the site too.
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Europe PC
Greetings stranger! If you want to introduce yourself with a few words (or just say hi), here's the place to post :) It would be cool to know where you heard about the site too.

hey. im Chinmorph from germany .. i love d2 since this was released .. it was my first online game after Counter-Strike .. i loved it and love to see this page ... i hope it will help me if the game is released
Hey everyone, Madman checking in from Canada. D2 & LOD are so nostalgic for me and I’m hoping to relive the glory days of gaming when Resurrected releases. Looking forward to seeing you guys around the site and in game!
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Barbarian Europe PC
Stay a while and listen!

My name is
and I've been playing Diablo II since 2001.
I play on Hardcore Ladder exclusively with a group of friends.
My favourite Class is the Barbarian.

[PC] [EU] [LOD] [HC] [LD] [UTC+1]
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Sorceress Americas PC

Before D2.
, I used to hang out at with the name Pippina. I played a shitload of wow Classic over on Fairbanks. I'm still playing TBC, but a lot less now than I did during Classic itself. Classic was everything I wanted it to be, and I'm looking forward to the same experience with D2R!

Looking forward to shooting the shit with everybody. janitor | Odunga Brotherhood

D2 is almost as old as me and i used to play it as a kid. I wasn't very good at it, but still loved it. After getting pissed-off on Path of Exile, I started playing Project D2 and the nostalgia kicked in. So, i can't wait to play it when the resurrected releases. In the mean time i will be playing in the upcoming season of PD2.
Hey, I'm Kenorwoks.

I'm a huge D2 fan, I played it as a kid and never really stopped.

I've beaten the game on SP HC /p8 with every class and tons of builds.

My favorite class is druid and my favorite build is windy.

 Deleted User 617

You're too late haha erm I mean hello, I played diablo from 2000-2008. I came back in 2015, can't wait for resurrected, I'm feeling the hype I felt all of those years ago.
Gday, Im Cotea and Im from Australia! Been playing Diablo since D1 all the way through with D3. Looking forward to D2R coming out!

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Hello everyone! I'm a bit older than D2 and played it on and off for quite a bit and never got super into the nitty-gritty side of things until about 3 years ago. Since then, I've played a good amount of Plugy but that's been a bit challenging as I'm a PhD candidate in science... so that's been fun! Aside from D2, I'm a fan of BioShock, Borderlands (yes.. 2 is the best), and Zelda. The thing I am looking forward to the most is the community. I really hope we
a good amount of new people while having a healthy community at the same time. Anyway, cheers and see you guys on release!
Hey ! :)

I'm Ketraies, huge fan of the Diablo franchise, I spent thousands of hours into the game and I'm still learning things every day.

Always enjoyed meeting new people and I'm glad teebling worked hard on this website for us to meet !

See you in game :)
Hey Teebling - and everyone else!

Gallow here. Pretty excited about D2R. Hope to see familiar faces here as well ;)
Just wanted to say hello I am me and OMG! @Teebling This Website / Forum is the most amazing thing I have seen for D2R yet!! Keep up the amazing work and I thank you very much!

G. dp C.
Hello !

I am extremely excited to join this beautiful website and I would like to take the time to say thank you to the creators. We once had such a beautiful forum for Diablo 1 but it is now defunct unfortunately.

If I can help with anything in the future, do let me know via Private Message.

Hello, all!

I'm Ian, an OG D2 player who's back after a decade break from D2 & associated mods. I have loads of fond memories of D2 and still can't believe the time has almost come where i'll be able to re-live them! Anyone looking for someone to play with, plz don't hesitate to reach out.
Hello i am Sideways the Necromancer ^^ and i am glad that i joined here, in my return to D2R. I am an old player of D2, sadly i took a break for around 5 years, but now with the new winds of D2R it's time to return to Sanctuary once more.

Good journey,
. Give my regards to the abyss.
Hey everyone ! Ryan from Canada here, can't wait to get into D2R. I've recently got back and have been playing Plugy but nothing will compare to D2R. Can't wait to see you all around!
Hello everyone I am ginger gaming mentor I do YouTube videos on a wide variety of games including diablo II and ever since diablo II resurrected has come how I have been churning out content non stop haha.

You can join iny live streams on twitch @ ... irect=true

Or check me out on YouTube @
Hey folks. Crafty from Canada here. Played D2 and LoD in its hay day as a teenager and now back and ready for D2R as a father of 2. Looking forward to playing with you guys.


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