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Greetings stranger! If you want to introduce yourself with a few words (or just say hi), here's the place to post :) It would be cool to know where you heard about the site too.


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hey. im Chinmorph from germany .. i love d2 since this was released .. it was my first online game after Counter-Strike .. i loved it and love to see this page ... i hope it will help me if the game is released


Hey everyone, Madman checking in from Canada. D2 & LOD are so nostalgic for me and I’m hoping to relive the glory days of gaming when Resurrected releases. Looking forward to seeing you guys around the site and in game!


Stay a while and listen!

My name is Stormlash and I've been playing Diablo II since 2001.
I play on Hardcore Ladder exclusively with a group of friends.
My favourite Class is the Barbarian.

Stay safe!
- Stormlash


Before D2.Io, I used to hang out at with the name Pippina. I played a shitload of wow Classic over on Fairbanks. I'm still playing TBC, but a lot less now than I did during Classic itself. Classic was everything I wanted it to be, and I'm looking forward to the same experience with D2R!

Looking forward to shooting the shit with everybody.



D2 is almost as old as me and i used to play it as a kid. I wasn't very good at it, but still loved it. After getting pissed-off on Path of Exile, I started playing Project D2 and the nostalgia kicked in. So, i can't wait to play it when the resurrected releases. In the mean time i will be playing in the upcoming season of PD2.


Hey, I'm Kenorwoks.

I'm a huge D2 fan, I played it as a kid and never really stopped.

I've beaten the game on SP HC /p8 with every class and tons of builds.

My favorite class is druid and my favorite build is windy.


 Deleted User 617


You're too late haha erm I mean hello, I played diablo from 2000-2008. I came back in 2015, can't wait for resurrected, I'm feeling the hype I felt all of those years ago.


Gday, Im Cotea and Im from Australia! Been playing Diablo since D1 all the way through with D3. Looking forward to D2R coming out!


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Hello everyone! I'm a bit older than D2 and played it on and off for quite a bit and never got super into the nitty-gritty side of things until about 3 years ago. Since then, I've played a good amount of Plugy but that's been a bit challenging as I'm a PhD candidate in science... so that's been fun! Aside from D2, I'm a fan of BioShock, Borderlands (yes.. 2 is the best), and Zelda. The thing I am looking forward to the most is the community. I really hope we attract a good amount of new people while having a healthy community at the same time. Anyway, cheers and see you guys on release!


Hey ! :)

I'm Ketraies, huge fan of the Diablo franchise, I spent thousands of hours into the game and I'm still learning things every day.

Always enjoyed meeting new people and I'm glad teebling worked hard on this website for us to meet !

See you in game :)


Hey Teebling - and everyone else!

Gallow here. Pretty excited about D2R. Hope to see familiar faces here as well ;)


Just wanted to say hello I am me and OMG! @Teebling This Website / Forum is the most amazing thing I have seen for D2R yet!! Keep up the amazing work and I thank you very much!

G. dp C.

Hello !

I am extremely excited to join this beautiful website and I would like to take the time to say thank you to the creators. We once had such a beautiful forum for Diablo 1 but it is now defunct unfortunately.

If I can help with anything in the future, do let me know via Private Message.



Hello, all!

I'm Ian, an OG D2 player who's back after a decade break from D2 & associated mods. I have loads of fond memories of D2 and still can't believe the time has almost come where i'll be able to re-live them! Anyone looking for someone to play with, plz don't hesitate to reach out.


Hello i am Sideways the Necromancer ^^ and i am glad that i joined here, in my return to D2R. I am an old player of D2, sadly i took a break for around 5 years, but now with the new winds of D2R it's time to return to Sanctuary once more.

Good journey, Mephisto. Give my regards to the abyss.

Hey everyone ! Ryan from Canada here, can't wait to get into D2R. I've recently got back and have been playing Plugy but nothing will compare to D2R. Can't wait to see you all around!


Hey folks. Crafty from Canada here. Played D2 and LoD in its hay day as a teenager and now back and ready for D2R as a father of 2. Looking forward to playing with you guys.


Hey! I'm also from Canada and I have been playing Diablo 2 since it's release. Heard of the website via Reddit, great job Teebling! Also loved the design of your Warcraft forums (

Personal Project: - Platform that allows users to track, discover, review, recommend and discuss video games.

Hi, saw this on reddit and just wanted to say this site is amazing!


hero wrote: 3 weeks ago
Hi, saw this on reddit and just wanted to say this site is amazing!
Same, just registered!

Played D2 from 2005~2010
Geting back on xbox series S, Rio, Brazil.


Very nice looking website Teebling, looking forward to use it with the release of D2R. Saw the Reddit post you made and immediately headed over here.

Played a lot of D2 back in the day and it will be awesome to return to the grind!

"Seven Evils spawned of seven heads. Seven realms birthed from Death."



Hi @ all
58 year old man from Germany likes Diablo2.
Orderd the game and cant wait to get it going. :-)



Hey all, greetings from Germany.
A few days ago I was thinking about the good old Diablo 2 sites that no longer exist, unfortunately. And now I found this great new Diablo 2 site on Reddit. Incredible!
I played D2 from release in 2000 until about mid 2002 and invested nearly my complete free time in it :D And I can't wait to play D2R and dive into the good old D2 fun.

Kudos to Teebling for this amazing site. As an experienced Software (Web) Developer, I have to say that you've done a fantastic job here so far! Really looking forward to seeing more tools here so keep on coding ;-)


Hello all,

I was into some of the early Blizzard games, and when both Diablo 2 and LoD were released they consumed my life for probably 6 years or so.

College and real life have since gotten in the way, but I’ve played off and on over the years.

After the D2R announcement, I fired it back up and started a new session. Single player and the holy grail are solid options, but PvP on with my Bone Necromancer is always my end goal.

I’ve decided I don’t have time on the current ladder to develop a proper PvP character, so I’m spending my time preparing for D2R and I plan to help with testing during the beta process.

I’ve mentioned this in other posts, but I’m very impressed with this site, and I feel this is a much-needed resource. The information is out there in other places of course, but it’s clunky and spread out, very much the opposite of this site. Nicely done @Teebling.



Best gam!


Hello everyone!

I have been playing Diablo II since the early 2000s beta and I haven't stopped; the game is too good!
I only ever play on closed USWest. I used to do a lot of trading on and and seeing the eventually addition of trading on this site is making me really excited.

I found this website on the Diablo subreddit, and I must say I am in awe in its design and features; it is absolutely fantastic! You guys are doing an amazing job on this site.
I am looking forward to making this my primary D2 site for looking up item specifics, runewords, horadric cube recipes, builds, and trading; oh, especially the trading!

Thank you for making this website, and it is nice to meet everyone!


Hey hey,

It was nice reading yalls stories. This was the game that changed my life as a kid. Here we go again. Say hi to me anytime for anything!


Hello and Greetings from Canada!

I go by many names online, but most of you will know me as viral_dna or DNA64.

Love the site!
Thanks for all the hard work and for sharing it on our Discord Channel! (The Chaos Sanctuary). I've added a link here on our Reddit sub as well :)

Diablo II is my life. I have around 3,000 hours in the game (It's my addiction!) and have written many tutorials over the years and scripts for D2NT etc..
Sadly very few sites are still around from these days and much of my work is now lost.

I've already played several hours of Diablo 2: Resurrected as I've been testing and making mods to help improve the game. I've pre-ordered the game for PC & Switch and am excited to once again line up in the queues with you all!

I eat, sleep, and breathe this game.

Somehow Teebs managed to keep this site under my radar! A real life friend sent a link and the quality is astounding! Once I saw it was created by Teebs, I was not surprised at all.... but I was excited! Great to be reunited with some old pals like @Beardozer and @Gallow who I knew from and Classic WoW.

Ive played D2 since 2000, and I can't wait to continue my journey into D2R.


Hello from Norway. long time d2 player. i'm part of the lovely Sanctuary discord community.


Selexin wrote: 3 weeks ago
Somehow Teebs managed to keep this site under my radar!
lmao, you should have done what I did - as soon as D2R was released, I found teebs on discord and asked if he was going to do a D2 forum. I figured he wasn't going to be able to resist.


You now speak to Ormus-I mean HamSandwich-he was once a great mage. I played D2 for years in the early 2000's and I'm now coming back for D2R. @Teebling just want to say thank you for putting together this great resource, looking forward to getting a lot of use out of it!


Followed the link posted over on Reddit and just wanted to say what incredible work you've done here @Teebling Immediately bookmarked. I said it on the Reddit thread, but I'll say it again here... I never thought the Arreat Summit could be replaced but here we are, I think you've done it.

Little background about myself... born in '86 and Diablo 2 is my favorite game of all time. Neighbor buddy of mine got me into Diablo 1 probably about a year before D2 launched and I was hooked. So I was fortunate enough to be on Diablo 2 at launch day. Played consistently for who knows how many hours the first 5 years of the game's existence, but even after slowing my roll around 2005 or 2006, I still came back to play a ladder season or mod like medianXL, PoD, etc.. for maybe a month or two usually once a year. So I've really never taken an extended break from the game, but I seriously can't wait to hit D2R as hard as I possibly can like the early days. The D2R announcement at Blizzcon legit gave me goosebumps, that's how big a deal this game has been in my life.


Hello all!

So glad to be here! Ever since LOD's initial release when I was kid, I've been in love with Diablo. Countless hours have been put into D2 and D3.

D2R will be incredible and I cannot wait to play the game that I fell in love with, with polished modern graphics and a few QOL changes. As long as there are no drastic changes, it's going to be a gift. I will be streaming D2R like crazy on Twitch as well.

Im so pumped to see everyone out there grinding away. We'll have to make a 'Loot Flex' topic on the forum to show off our drops or something. Its going to be a blast. This is a rad community


Hey Guys - Just found you on Reddit and this side looks awesome! - so here i am and waiting for Resurrected ♥️


Hey D2 homies!

Etrain here. 32 year old from western US. I grew up playing D2 and have so many fond memories associated with it. My oldest brother first got me into D1 when I was way too young, playing all night into the dark, wee hours of the morning, only to go to sleep and have nightmares. And then when D2 came out it became an obsession. Getting home from middle school every day going straight to the family's computer room to farm Mephisto for hours.

For the last few years I've been almost exclusively playing single player Plugy and been having a blast. SSF for life!

I love this game and I'm so excited for D2R. Just found this website on Reddit and I've gotta say, I am absolutely blown away by what @Teebling has done here. Excited to follow along the site's progress and participate in the conversations here.


Hi folks!

D2 was the first game I played seriously. I was 12 or 13 when I started playing. Excited to watch this website grow.

wtf do I do with all my fg???

Hey y’all this is Nola. I’m sorta new to Diablo 2. I first played when it was released but I only got to act 3 cause I was heavily into Everquest. I’m really excited for the game and can’t wait to spend hours playing it. I will level a Blizz sorc to MF gear for a hammerdin which I will try to get to level 99. Then afterwards I will play a lightning javazon.


Hi Vici here, playing D2 for too long :P


Hello to everyone :)

I'm Junglegoose. Been playing Diablo games since 1996.

I can't wait to run around and shout and leap with my Barbarian, annoying everyone as I scatter packs near seals. :)


Hi Everyone,

I'm Sabcoll from Germany.
D2 Classic and LoD Player since Day1.
D2 is most probably the game with most hours played for me, so I would really call myself a Veteran.
However I played mostly pre 1.10 and I'm really looking forward to build my very own CoH & Infinity during a ladder.

D2 & LoD Veteran
Twitch: chrisso86
If you like my posts & content, I would really appreciate a follow on twitch!
Ex Staff
Greatest Find: Arkaine's Valor 1.08
Fishyzon Build

Hi. I'm rogfish from Norway. I picked this game up between classic and LoD release for 6 dollars in a bin. Never been as addicted to anything as I was to D2.
Very hyped about D2:R, and I'm going to use this site all the time because its so fantastic!


Hello Everyone!

I'm Migs from the USA. I discovered this site when it was shared on reddit and I was impressed! And then I found all the guides on these forums. The guides are awesome, thanks to everyone who posted those!

I was in high school back when D2 came out and it's still one of my favorite games of all time. I'm really excited to get back into it with D2R and am looking forward to hopefully grouping up with people here.


Hey everyone!

I’m Havelox, from the eastern United States. I’ve been playing Diablo games for as long as I can remember. My uncle let me play his copy of Diablo 1 when I was kid, and the rest was history.

I’ve played Diablo 1 & 2 pretty consistently, I still do a d1 play through here and there. I even have it installed on a jailbroken psp.

Over the past few years I’ve been mostly on path of Diablo. Currently I’m on d2 single player with plugY doing a HC werewolf Druid playthrough. As of posting this I’m lvl 78 act 2 hell, still alive!

Really love this site, and y’all seem really cool.


Hey all!

Just a guy from Uruguay checking in, and enjoying this awesome website @Teebling has put together :D

Can't wait for D2R, and I think this site goes hand in hand with it. I've admittedly missed phpBB forums as well - might even take a shot at making a signature after some 15 years. :lol:

I'll see y'all around!


Hey all, I found this site from a link somewhere and it's looking real good ! Props to the team.

Diablo II is the best game ever!

My brothers will not have died in vain

Warth3ory here aka Th3ory. 20 year vet of D2 and current exclusive HC player outside of having a few SC NL pvp'ers on deck. Like many of us adults, there have been periods of extensive breaks, but we are all drawn back from the void.

Stream on twitch when I can, but more inconsistent with irl bandwidth, but going to get into it again with D2:R feel free to check it out.

Like many also came from the Sanctuary Discord Community and love what you have done with the infrastructure Teebling and team. Amazing updated resource beyond Amazon Basin and Purediablo.

Hope to use this for not only trading, but on-going connectivity.

Cheers all.


Hey there, Shadow here. I'm a long time Diablo II player, haven't played as long as some other vets, however I've been playing strong, grinding hard on and off for 13+ years (since 1.11b).
I like to theorycraft builds (I see you there Th3ory), also like to mod this game on my spare time when I feel like it, as well as learn all the little bits and pieces of information about this game.

I hope to use this site for trading (possibly), I come here from the Sanctuary server discord as well. Teebling has done a wonderful job on the design of the site, hope to see it get some good usage!


Hi everyone, Im new here. I have been playing Diablo 2 on and off since the release. Played a lot of HC in 1.09 when i was younger. Currently I am working on dusting of my Diablo 2 skills and knowledge to get ready for D2r. The plan is to play ladder HC again, but this time at a lot slower pace then back in the day.

I am looking forward to see you guys in the chat and in game!

Stay safe everyone!



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