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1 Body Armor Body Armor

Embossed Plate

Exceptional Base Item

Defense: 282-303
Durability: 55
Req Strength: 125
Req level: 25
Quality level: 58
Treasure class: 60
Max sockets: 4
Weight: Medium



Gothic Plate (Normal)
Lacquered Plate (Elite)
Atma's Wail
Data contributed by Stormlash



Upped/Ethereal Value(s)

If Ethereal:
Defense: 454

If Ebugged (legacy D2 only):
Defense: 681
NB These are the perfect values possible for level 99 character.

Max sockets by iLvl

Max sockets iLvl 1-25: 3
Max sockets iLvl 26-40: 4
Max sockets iLvl 41+: 4
This item's qLvl of 58 is higher than these iLvl ranges. Therefore it'll never spawn within the marked iLvl ranges, unless cubed to iLvl 1.

The relationships between iLvl, qLvl, and aLvl are explained here.

Can be used for Runewords

Bramble (4 sockets)
Chains of Honor (4 sockets)
Fortitude (4 sockets)
Stone (4 sockets)
Bone (3 sockets)
Dragon (3 sockets)
Duress (3 sockets)
Enigma (3 sockets)
Enlightenment (3 sockets)
Gloom (3 sockets)
Lionheart (3 sockets)
Myth (3 sockets)
Peace (3 sockets)
Principle (3 sockets)
Rain (3 sockets)
Treachery (3 sockets)
Wealth (3 sockets)
Prudence (2 sockets)
Smoke (2 sockets)
Stealth (2 sockets)

On the trade market

Active trades (latest 10, 3h cache):

Embossed Plate
• Updated 1 hour ago
Embossed Plate
• Updated 5 hours ago
Embossed Plate
• Updated 5 hours ago

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This is the number of times this member had one of their trades marked as trustworthy.

Build up your own trust in the d2io marketplace by creating detailed trade ads and executing deals quickly. A friendly attitude always helps :)

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