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Can be used to make Runewords:

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To start back the original poster's question, one char is nice... but you have 7 classes, and at least 3 classical flavours of each (and I don't even count more exotic ones!). What is cool, from my point of view, is to build your guys and experiment various ways to play the game.

But that's my point of view. Anyone can have a different game objective. Aiming at a given item though seems... weird, as these are as said extremely unlikely, and random ones.

You can also try to build a Holy Grail (i.e. find every single Unique).


Main: Necromancer / Second: Assassin / Third: Amazon / Check my stash and my crafts including my caster belts :), and my many cheap
/ Accepting payment in L or NL currency though I only play NL
thanks for the replies, did not expect the topic to raise such a discussion

In terms of changing my objective. Well, I bet anyone playing D2R for a long time has its own motivation, whatever that is. Do not get me wrong - I'm not sayin that advices like raise a couple more high-geared chars or find all uniques are bad per se. I think, I was explicit in the OP that these objectives are not interesting for me), but they may be and actaully are valid goals for some players. So Bass and Necrarch - thx for the suggestions, but - no, I'll stick to my goal while playing this slot machine that D2R is, utill I completely lose interest to the game.

ALLEyezOnMe - no interest in hacking/cheating/duping etc. only legitimate ways of acquiring items, but thx for the info

KeepHammering and KennyMcLenny - thx for the info on the topic - I'll check the thropy room. I did not know j2sp has one (yes, I'm that lame)

mockingbirdreal and Nate - great info, thx! I've never thought that imbuing could result in something meaningful (once again, I'm lame, I know :)). I might need to do some extra research on that. Is the level of the char actually imbuing the item relevant for the process or is it just the ilvl that affects the outcome? (do not want to level exata dozens of chars :D)
Johny82PL wrote: 1 year ago
Queegon wrote: 1 year ago

Tesladin deals half physical and half lightning with almost every monster in hell boasting a 20% phys resistance with quite a few in the 50% range. What does the damage of your tesladin does? It craters.

Auradin deals 50% fire and 50% light and everything that craters here is enemies' resists to elements.

Auradin with both fire and light at his disposal:
1) Needs no skillers (or has no use from them), your inventory can be empty for whatever you find.
2) No sunder is needed either because only rarely you get to meet an enemy that is both fire and lightning immune while unbreakable as well. (Dragon paladin will use a sunder.)
3) Up to p3 most enemies will drop dead before you even hit them in melee.
4) Elemental damage with
on is on par with tesladin's damage output before phys resists. It is, however, easier to break enemies into negative resists than the impossible feat of removing phys res for tesladin.

The saving grace for tesladin is the possibility of using Enigma which Dragon paladin or auradin simply can't afford to do. If you are using Fortitude instead you are just lessening the negatives on tesladin without getting any boons in the exchange.

TL;DR Auradin and Dragon paladin excel at density clearing and areas like Moo Moo Farm. Tesladin can move with
, if he so wishes, and deals more damage to 0% phys res enemies (Cows have 50%). All three, as any other paladin with a single point in
, can take down ubers with a gear swap to maximize crushing blow.
All three paladins to compare at various enemies:
what about changing LoH for that kind of gloves?
another interesting tesladin variation:

Please not offer lower runes than
(exceptions are
), but rather pgems or keys.

only NON-ladder trade
The most I personally have ever paid for an item was a lighting skiller with 40 life. The most I have personally been paid for an item was a perfect anni.

Runners up include 2/20 caster ammys for sorc and necro.


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