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New ExPaNSion Leaked *concept & ingame art* "ThE GoLDEn cITy"

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MOX wrote: 2 weeks ago
You can take this like a "winky winky" situation for a possible future opportunity.

If you ask yourself 8 years ago if D2R is going to happen, no one have at that time 100% security of this. Then the game happen and was a hit for Blizzard, no one can denied this now.

D2R expansion is a win win for Blizzard and Diablo Immortal is a living proof that the company can created Lore between games (in this case Diablo 2 and Diablo 3).

A man can hope...
I REALLY hope you are correct, but I have no Faith left in Blizzard. Past behavior is a great predictor of future behavior. Blizz hasn't done anything with D2R in the last three ladder seasons. If there was an expansion on the horizon they'd probably try to keep our interest by at least feeding us crumbs with ladder material. But you have no idea how wrong I hope I am.

All trades can be accomplished via PC or xbox. All reasonable offers will be considered and probably accepted.
Developing on an existing engine / framework should be cheaper than making an entirely new title...

Money yes...there is always the lingering possibility that an expansion to D2R remains..

Offer if price not stated
Mines wrote: 2 years ago
If you like health,
String of Ears
is much better option. 8% Life Stolen Per Hit loved it on my hamerdian. Spiral hammer on large group of enemies you fully healed.


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