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Description by rampage101

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rampage101 wrote: 9 months ago
Teleporting into a group of enemies as a Bow Amazon on the other hand is a pretty unreasonable thing to say. Sure you can do that with enough life and the game is easy enough, but the simple sound of that statement is otherworldly to me (again, i don't care just so that you know where i'm coming from with this)
I meant that I can survive teleporting into mobs, not really the goal. The nice part with the
is the Merc follows, without
the Merc gets stuck a ton. And the merc can help in those mobs a lot.
So what you're saying is, that there are more Breakpoints after 8FPA? To definitly proof that record a video and count the seconds until the animation is done and go back from there. 60FPS should be accurate enough so see a valid animation start and end

If Frame Counting isn't your thing, record two vids (one with more and one with less IAS) and just let them play right next to each other, then you'll see if one is faster then the other. Present your findings, i'm curious
lol... not sure why I would go to the length of proving to you this is the case. You seem to have a problem with any non-standard build not using Fortitude.

It's enough for me to put on the gear and visability see the attack speed differences.
Here's another video of my Zon farming
. Same basic gear as the other video minus the
Bone Break

Please post offer in item trade before adding me on Bnet


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