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About me

I'm just an old D2 fan weirdo (new to multiplayer gameplay in D2) and a passionate save-scum gamer! :)

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Latest posts

I only keep them to divide stuff I want to hold so they don't get in a way of stuff I want to sell -- for example jewels and junk jewels. 13 hours ago
PabloSL wrote: 1 week ago What I'm not sure about is if I should use exile or herald of zakarum I would say if you are gonna do const. Ubers then … 1 week ago
davme_mcreg wrote: 1 week ago Something to keep in mind is clear speed from movement. My bowazon kills things a lot faster than my paladin, but she … 1 week ago


Ma neeeeeeema veeeeeeeze! xd

Someone much smarter than me already said once: "The real value of something doesn't reflect in a number of how much a seller is asking for it, but on how much a buyer is willing to pay for it."
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