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The Diablo 2 Resurrected Trading Market

The most popular marketplace for bartering in-game Diablo 2D2 Resurrected Ladder items and services without the use of fixed currency. Read the guidance here if you are new, or review the development log if you are a returning trader.

Instantly search, filter, and browse the Diablo 2 Resurrected Trading Marketplace for items. A non-forum gold alternative to d2jsp. Find item trades by ladder, hardcore, item name, time posted, and trader reputation.

Create New Trade
Create a new trade in the marketplace.
Please don't create new trades if you already have an existing trade up for the item - use the bump feature instead.
My Stash
See and manage all of your active trades from your stash.
My Details
Change your default filter options and other profile settings from this area.
Shows all trades that you are watching at the moment, excluding your own trades.
Manage your Squelch List.

Squelching allows you to hide the comments of certain traders on your listings.
My sold trades
Shows all your sold trades over the last 3 days, and then after that historical sales data going back indefinitely.
My bought trades
Shows all trades you purchased over the last 3 days, and then after that historical sales data going back indefinitely.
Trades relevant to me
Triggers a market search with your default (profile) filters.
Run a price check
Check the historical price data of any item in the game.
Market Stats
Browse the market stats page for top 50s trading stats.

Search the Market • Search the market using keywords, filters, and search options.


Price check an item • Check the recent and historical price of any Diablo 2 item.

It appears you are trying to list or search for a charm. Please note that the correct notation is the full, in-game name of the charm including any affix names eg. Sparking Grand Charm of Vita. Do not add attributes or modifiers to the title.
It appears you are trying to list or search for a ring. Please note that the correct notation is the full, in-game name of the ring including any affix names eg. Fortuitous Ring of Fortune. Do not add attributes or modifiers to the title.
It appears you are trying to list or search for an amulet. Please that the correct notation is the full, in-game name of the amulet including any affix names eg. Amulet of the Whale. Do not add attributes or modifiers to the title.
It appears you are trying to list or search for a jewel. Please note that the correct notation is the full, in-game name of the jewel including any affix names eg. Sparking Jewel of Suffering. Do not add attributes or modifiers to the title.

Browse the Market • Browse the market using filters and sorting options

Want to Sell/Want to Buy
This option indicates whether you're looking for sell orders or buy orders for this item.
Active trades only
This will return only active trades (all trades that have not been marked as sold within the last 3 days).
Recently sold
This will return only recent sales that have been marked as sold within the last 3 days (before they turn into historical data).

To see historical prices, use the Price Check tool.
Online traders only
This will return only trades in which the listing author is currently online.
Non-ladder trade
This will return results for Non-ladder trades only.
Ladder-only trade
This will return results for Ladder trades only.
Softcore trade
This will return results for softcore trades only.
Hardcore-only trade
This will return results for Hardcore trades only.
PC Switch Playstation Xbox
Indicates which platforms you want to browse. Resurrected has cross progression, so you will often see trades listed with multiple platforms.
Filter results by rarity or the player services category.
Filter results by item qualities such as ethereal, superior, sockets, unid etc.
Item Type
Item Type
Filter results by item type such as charms, rings, body armor etc.
Item Stats
Filter results by item stats such as MF, IAS, FRW etc.
Class or Hireling
Filter results by items deemed 'good for' a specific class or hireling.
Filter results by miscellaneous properties.
Add keywords
Convert this into a search
Refine your results by adding a keyword. This will convert your current config into a search.
Sorting options
Sort or limit the results.
Reset filters
This resets the trade filter options to the dead defaults with no profile settings taken into account.
Select defaults
Select your default profile filters
Clicking this will select your default profile filters for SC/HC, Non-Ladder/Ladder, Expansion/Non-Expansion, and your main platform.
Browse all trades
Apply filters (refine results)
Click to refine these search results. This refreshes the results, applying any new filter selections you have made.
Note that the more filters you apply, the less results you will see; the filters work on AND logic.
Unique Runeword Set Base Crafted Rare Magic
Select the rarity of the item you are looking for.

If you selected an item that exists in the database from the searchbox dropdown, the rarity filter of the search should already be set.
This includes Runes, Gems, Quest Items, Keys, Materials, and anything else in the 'Misc' section of the database.
Player Services
Player Services
Select this option if you're looking for services like rushes, keys, ubers, tunnels etc.
Resurrected Legacy
Resurrected or Legacy
Note that 'Legacy' means game versions and mods other than those in Resurrected. Basically the original vanilla D2 game or mods like PoD, SlashDiablo etc.
Expansion Non-Expansion
Game Mode
Note that 'Non-Expansion' means 'Pre-LoD in Resurrected' or 'Non-Expansion character in Resurrected' - this is different to Legacy (which refers to versions of Diablo 2 other than Resurrected).
Americas Europe Asia
Note that you can trade with anyone in any region in Resurrected. This filter option only indicates that you are looking for trades local to one region, which makes game organisation easier for your trade.
High runes
High runes
Browse all trades of high runes.

High runes are Mal, Ist, Gul, Vex, Ohm, Lo, Sur, Ber, Jah, Cham, Zod.
Low runes
Low runes
Browse all trades of low runes.

Low runes are all runes not considered as HRs.
Perfect gems
Browse all listings for perfect gems. Usually sold in bulk quantities of 10, 20 or 40 and used by people crafting high ilvl items.
Amazon Assassin Necromancer Barbarian Sorceress Paladin Druid
Good for this Class
This will return results that match this custom opinion filter.

Use this to browse items that are good for a particular class, for example traders will often apply this filter if their item has +to X class or skill tree modifiers.
Rogue Scout Desert Warrior Iron Wolf Harrogath Barb
Good for this Mercenary type
Useful for returning trades that are good for a specific hireling/mercenary.
+ Skiller Resists Life Mana Magic Find Extra Gold Increased Attack Speed Faster Cast Rate Faster Run/Walk Faster Hit Recovery Enhanced Damage Min/Max Damage Attack Rating
This will return results of items that match any of the selected 'modifier' filters

Handy if you're looking for a particular stat on an item. If you can't find a filter, use a keyword instead.
Returns results for items that are not Ethereal quality.
Returns results for items that are Ethereal quality.
Returns results for items that are not Superior quality.
Returns results for items that are Superior quality.
Returns results only for items that have already been identified.
Returns results for only for items that have been marked as unidentified (unid).
No sockets 1 socket 2 sockets 3 sockets 4 sockets 5 sockets 6 sockets
No. of Sockets
This returns results for the selected number of sockets.
Perfect roll
Perfect roll
Returns results for items that have been marked as being 'perfect' rolls.
Free :)
Free item
Returns results for items that have been marked as 'free' - where nothing is expected in exchange.
Small Charm Large Charm Grand Charm
Item Type
Useful as a standalone filter or combined with additional stat filters to discover charm trades.
Amulets Rings Jewels Body Armor Barb Helms Belts Boots Gloves Helms Pelts Shrunken Heads Shields Targes Axes Katars Daggers Swords Hammers Mauls Maces Clubs Scepters Polearms Spears Bows Crossbows Javelins Throwing Orbs Staves Wands
Item Type
This returns trades of items that match this specific item type.
Sort results

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Recent trading activity

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