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Do you play today the beta?

Poll runs till 1 day from now

Yeah I bought it. But no. I’ll wait for full game (0%)
No votes
Sure’s hell!! I’ve waited years for this! (12%)
D4?? Who cares man. I’m d2r all the way. (70%)
I havent bought it. Just checking the open beta first. (19%)
Total votes: 43
Total votes: 43


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mhlg 162

Amazon Americas PC
davme_mcreg wrote: 1 week ago
mhlg wrote: 1 week ago
I'll wait until Heidi does a few D4 streams before even considering purchasing it.

If Blizzard is confident that D4 is an actual continuation of the D1/D2 legacy, then they should offer access to the Beta without the pre-purchase requirement. The fact that they're not only adds to the skepticism, and invokes memories of the D3 experience.
Next weekend is open beta, all chars. For 2 days, no purchase required I believe

"Those who have pre-purchased Diablo IV will receive Early Access to the Open Beta from March 17 to 19. On the following weekend, the Open Beta will be available to everyone from March 24 to 26."
So that means we have two days to decide if we love it or hate it? Hopefully the download times won't take up most of the two days. :D
haha. What's that? your internet cannot download 80 gb when the servers are inundated with requests? Sorry, but you've only got 36 hours left to go!
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Schnorki 2062Moderator

Well, more often than not you can register and start downloading before something actually starts. And/or play while still downloading half of it.

One of the few things Blizz actually usually got right over the last years.

For anyone actually on Heidi's disc, they're partied up and streaming again (not on Twitch yet but should be later on). Watching a bit on the side for the sake of commentary more than anything but it still just looks like a darker/less cartoony D3. Plus the amount of times I've heard "...just like in D3..." isn't exactly promising (or surprising). :/

Though a 2hr+ queue is just pathetic..who would've thought there'd be people logging in on a Friday? Completely unpredictable! Not like they .. I don't know .. knew how many keys/preorder access tags they gave out and could've predicted the needed server scaling or anything..
Just Blizz being Blizz.
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mhlg 162

Amazon Americas PC
I have fiber optics so the problem isn't the speed of my internet, it's the speed of Blizzards servers.

Bought the early access - got home, fired it up - 120+ minute queue just to play. Ridiculous. So.........
I'm cautiously optimistic, but that may be because D2R has really turned out really well in my opinion, and I will be getting one copy to try if the MTX aren't awful.

That said, I'll be waiting until a sale.
phantomotap wrote: 1 week ago
I'll be waiting until a sale.
Ya I'm not blowing a easily 100.00 No thanks.
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rikus 106

Amazon Americas PC
it's not D2 for sure. i've played it till lvl11.
what i hate about it the most is the fact that you dont target an enemy really, you just slash everything that is near you. i find this lacking, but in certain combat situations pretty nice.

the pace is slower, much slower than d3.

the "
community" is much cooler than d3, love how those guys get resurrected.

the game has a totally dark and forboding atmosphere. and none of that silly WoW cartoonish. it's more like god of war. but also another complaint is that there's not enough zoom out..i am playing 4k screen, the guy (barbarian) is like 2 times bigger than my d2 guy.

all in all fun experience, the story is nice. and the events are much better than d3.

still feels like an MMO, kind PoE but in a different way.
the skill tree isn't that amazing is they told us again. PoE is still way more complex.
VERY very long game it seems. the maps are huge, and i think the mobs are regenerating.

no single player really, which is a shame.

goodluck, and may the RNG god be with you.
Well, that little review just killed a ton of my interest. Oh, well.
User avatar

rikus 106

Amazon Americas PC
well if this helps:I don't think any diablo fan will be disappointed with this game.

unless he is totally into d2 only.

goodluck, and may the RNG god be with you.
Played the alpha til like lvl40 i think in babrarian, for me it looks like an open world D3, skill tree reminded me of a mix of d2 and d3 though the skill were for most copies of d3 skills

Positive point for me
- big map, lots of exploring to do and exploration is rewarded by skill points gold etc
- instanciated dongeons
- short dongeon 5 to 30min to finish
- quest make the world evolve, soving some quest will open new towns with their shops and waypoint

bad points
- skill copied from d3 but put in a tree

Far from a complete review as i only played barbarian and not to the end game

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Llama has some pretty thorough feedback

For me personally that's all I needed to know. I will skip the release and have a look at what the game looks like after a few months.
User avatar

Schnorki 2062Moderator

Kind of in line with the poll results here..I guess people just don't care enough? Not enough pre-orders? Too many refund requests already? Obviously don't actually know but whatever it is, I feel like Blizzard is really pushing hard on this..

Given, they've always sent you random "U BUY THIS NAU KTHX!" mails for their new stuff but between this and dragonflight, this is probably the first time I genuinely feel like I'm actually being spammed by the amount of "OMG PLZ BUY NAU! PLZZZZZ!" coming my way.
So many bugs. From invisible walls to frequent errors / disconnects. Don't see how it'll be ready in 3 months.

But if they do miraculously fix the bugs, I'm sure those who enjoyed D3 will also enjoy this.

The one thing that brings me in is the fact my friends are all hyped and playing, so I will most likely follow and join them, as I did with D2R. Don't expect them to make it very far, as usual, but at least a couple weeks of questing with them sounds fun..


Hit max level (25) and managed to get all legendaries and tweak my build around. Absolutely loving the feel of WW and how strong it is.

Quick vid showing a boss fight. Pretty epic, IMO.

May end up preordering now!

All items are Non-Ladder. Feel free to send BNet request to discuss any trade.
I played D4 today using the access code I bought - I wanted to check if I wanted to quit in an hour or if I wanted to go further into D4. As a result, my sorceress is level 18. It's not the worst thing I've seen in my life. After two or three hours at the game, I bought it. She's not perfect. There are moments in it that I like, and there are those that I don't like. I had no problems accessing the game, it did not crash during these few hours - this is already a miracle. I think I will play it sometimes for the next 10 years when my partner in the D2 game is busy. The rest of the time we will continue to farm in D2. And yes, I am one of those who have been waiting for her for many years.
So I will keep this review as vague as possible for reasons.

The great: The game looks amazing. My gaming pc is certainly not the most powerful, I can't play d2r on max settings even, but even then D4 looks so pretty, especially the environments. The world. It's freaking huge. The open beta restricts you to one area out of five, and even that is quite large and takes many hours to explore. Imagine D3's adventure mode with the campaign built in, and with everything seamlessly connected and way way bigger. The atmosphere. It's much darker and gorier than d3 and even d2. Parts of the story are just genuinely creepy and fucked up in a good way. If you like horror as a genre, it definitely leans heavily into that.

The good: the combat feels crisp and finely tuned and responsive. It is slow paced and feels like d2 but with d3's ui with proper quick-cast style and locked buttons. Buff-effects and skills are d3 style, though and tend to last seconds and have cooldowns unlike d2 where some last minutes and you only occasionally recast. This is both good and bad but means you are timing cooldowns to line up with others so you can coordinate them to stack for max effect. Different classes really play differently. I was not a fan overall of how sorc felt but super enjoyed rogue.

The bad: itemization is very in-between d2 and d3. there are some legendaries that make you feel like you have to switch skills to utilize it because of the power but they also don't break anything open and make you feel powerful like d3. Instead of a 3-5x dmg modifier you're looking at 1.2x-1.4x. They feel necessary, but not powerful, basically. It's probably more like d2 than d3 in terms of a best in slot item feeling only slightly stronger than a merely good item.

I'll enjoy playing the campaign and will play beyond that, but it's not going to get me to quit playing d2r or d3.


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