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Description by Teebling

Can be used to make Runewords:

Hey glad this will be fixed, I found it was misleading to show NL icon under my name when I want to trade L items. People don't need that info on our profile I think.
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Schnorki 2062Moderator

Teebling wrote: 5 months ago
Just occurred to me that in historical/recent price checks people will want to distinguish between seasons for ladder prices. Also on the list.
Good call.

Was actually about to post a suggestion for that as I noticed it in my own search. :)
I think the crossed out ladder icon is a great addition to the update.

I Just like to chill and play some Diablo 2 Resurrected.
Guys, Hello! tell me please,
Sunder charms are in season ladder only?
I `m plaing in nonladder game. Am I able to have sunder charm? Or it can be recieved from uniq monsters in non ladder game?

I haven`t found information...
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ShadowHeart 947Moderator

Europe PC
Sunder charms currently only drop on ladder.

There is speculation that they will able to drop in non-ladder after the current ladder season ends (February 16th), but Blizzard has not confirmed this (yet), so we don't know for sure yet.

Either way - after the current ladder season ends, some people who got Sunder charms on ladder may be willing to trading them for runes or something on non-ladder. No idea what kind of value we're talking about though. Some may even give them away for free. You'll have to wait and see.

I'm in CET (Central European Time), so that's UTC+1 normally and UTC+2 during DST.
My profile says Ladder, but I play both Ladder and Non-Ladder.
A lot of player give sunders away for free. Of course not the worth ones, but you mustn't pay anything.

So my advise to you is: create a ladder char and create a WTB trade here, where you ask friendly for a free trade.

I for example gave a free 77% cold sunder for free in this manner a few days ago :)

Switch Friends Code: 6184-4783-6702
ShadowHeart, Fliflaflo Thank you for answer:)
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atari 217

Europe XLinux
Is there a 1.40 changelog? I've seen nothing here or in the Continuous development log .

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Teebling 5019Admin

Europe PC
atari wrote: 1 month ago
Is there a 1.40 changelog? I've seen nothing here or in the Continuous development log .
No, 1.40 was a hotfix in preparation for 1.41, which is in development now and releasing before S3 starts. Will clarify that in the patch notes when I'm done.



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