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Class: Barbarian Yes
Ladder: No (Non-Ladder)
Expansion: Yes
Hardcore: No (Softcore)
Platform: Playstation
Region: Americas
Bnet ID: IronLesbian#1907
Discord ID: IronLesbian#2341
Forum level:
Favourite item: misc/wirt-s-leg-t67.html

About me

I am IronLesbian

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Joined: 1 month ago
Last active: 2 weeks ago

Likes received: 226
Likes given: 100

Total posts: 113
Topics started:  9

Most active forum: Forums
(100 Posts / 88.50% of user’s posts)

Most active topic: D2R achievement/trophy list revealed. Spoilers for new players!
(9 Posts / 7.96% of user’s posts)
Total topics:
9 | Search user’s topics
(0.01% of all topics / 0.21 topics per day)


Data contributions: 0
Descriptions written: 0
Comments on entries: 10
Bugs reported: 0
Feedback given: 1

Latest posts

About to fight Diablo on normal mode with a concentrate Barb. It’s rough. I have no idea how I’ll get through NM and Hell. 3 weeks ago
gore wrote: 3 weeks ago IronLesbian wrote: 3 weeks ago I’m just waiting until console gets players with edited heroes and items. It’s bound to hap… 3 weeks ago
From what I saw on the Blizzard forums, there is an actual issue with match making for consoles. I’ll look for the thread again (it’s flooded every fe… 3 weeks ago


"And Lesbian."
Unused for now

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