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Class: Barbarian Yes
Ladder: No (Non-Ladder)
Expansion: Yes
Hardcore: No (Softcore)
Platform: PC
Region: Americas
Bnet ID: Letters#11688
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Joined: 1 month ago
Last active: 2 weeks ago

Likes received: 8
Likes given: 5

Total posts: 13
Topics started:  0

Most active forum: Forums
(8 Posts / 61.54% of user’s posts)

Most active topic: Which class are you playing first in Resurrected?
(1 Post / 7.69% of user’s posts)


Data contributions: 0
Descriptions written: 0
Comments on entries: 0
Bugs reported: 0
Feedback given: 0

Latest posts

It's kind of foggy but I remember a strength necro with at least 1 point in each skill and couldn't make it past act 2. I'd like to think I've gotten … 1 month ago
I'm excited to not only get back to killing but zooming in and out and admiring all the work. It's gonna be hard to put the game down when I fire it u… 1 month ago
I'm glad they're going this route, I was worried for a second about every name taken from the start and having to just throw up bnvkfsabiuvbfoar in fr… 1 month ago

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