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, I have been playing this game in some capacity for almost 20 years now. Hell, probably over 20 years when my cousin first introduced me to it. I do not keep playing because I want to get the GG perfect items, I keep playing because the game is fun. I would say, this is my personal belief here, that the game is more fun when you do not have GG gear. It is not optimized, and you have to struggle, yes. But that to me is the fun. I play the new ladders because I want to see what items will drop for me when I'm getting my character to level 80 or so. Then yes I will get as good of end game gear I can so I can use the character to their maximum potential.

My playthrough for season 3 was amazing because I found such strange items for my sorc and paladin and I based my character around them. It's amazing what the game hands you during a new playthrough and that's the joy for me. Not just finding Hoto, Viper,
, Spirit etc and calling my sorc complete. I already have 3 of those. Let's see what rares drop, and see if I can make it through hell with that!

The economy is in a truly weird place right now and I plan to make up all the weird and wonderful creations the community has come up with! Now is a great time to play. The community of D2 is great and kept me paying all these years. Seriously, big shoutout to Teebling and all the mods and contributors for this site. I have read the other forum from time to time, and everyone is so salty and egotistical I often never even finish reading the thread.

I am available for trading every other week, limited trading on my off week.
Thanks for understanding.

Bouncing back and forth between D2 and D4
When everything is easy to get, it gets boring fast.

When everything dies in secs in P8, the challenge dies with it.

So far i've refrained myself from paying a single dime to 3rd party markets or sites (because eventually i'll get it either finding it "grail list", or trade for it like how the game is supposed to.)

Of course some percentile couldnt GAF about the in-between and prefer what in D&D terminology call - the power gamer. Best of the best. Your Vorpal swords and Mithril Armor +5 minimum. Add a few Rings of Wizardry / Invincibility for good measure. Heck..even a Cloak of Protection +5 for that light afternoon drizzle , just cuz.

I didn't pay for a full price movie ticket just to skip to the credits.

Offer if price not stated
Mines wrote: 2 years ago
If you like health,
String of Ears
is much better option. 8% Life Stolen Per Hit loved it on my hamerdian. Spiral hammer on large group of enemies you fully healed.


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