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Can be used to make Runewords:

geo89 wrote: 1 year ago
I think I've landed on Wind druid personally. Dunno how that's gonna go.
I'm using a Wind druid atm and even with starter equipment, you should be able to breeze thru the game really comfortably! With
Cyclone Armor
, you don't have to worry as much about resistance and you'll have leftover points for 1 point in each summons, a
Carrion Vine
and dump the rest of your points in an
Oak Sage
! With the + to skills of your spirits, Lore, viper , whatev, your summons will tank alot of damage for you first and even yourself you'll be able to tank damage! (Even more so important that you get to tank damage, since you'll always be in close range to be sure your tornadoes and
hit whatever you wanna obliterate)

Easily my favorite build. Still! don't get too blinded by it's power. Nasty uniques will still wreck your day. :)

4 my feet pics

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Mainly on Xbox n Pc tho :)
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Schnorki 3329Moderator

Peaceful_Leaf wrote: 1 year ago
Hah! I think I know who you are referring about.
Noone in particular actually. That approach has been around for 2 decades though and is no "better" today than it was back then. :)

If you want to add me on, please message me here first. Random unexpected invites will be declined.
I only play hardcore, only play a javazon. Add me or send a whisper if you want to play during season 3!
Im so exciiiiited for tonight and the weekend!!!! Lets go HC gang!!!!!! Add me and lets play!!!!



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