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Ladder: Yes
Expansion: Yes
Hardcore: No (Softcore)
Platform: PC
Discord ID: Thrugg_aka_trogg#1949
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D2 fan who plays around with code and numbers. Tools (Gomule for D2r, Drop simulator, Save file editor) at

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Most active topic: Simulating Drops while I wait for D2R and Browsing the Databases
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BMAY wrote: 1 month ago Got a pretty good stash going in this simulator lol I'm running 4k baal runs at a time and with 600MF though The wealth!… 4 weeks ago
Beardozer wrote: 1 month ago I tried simulating 1,000 hell baal runs on your tool and it locked up my web browser, lol. The updated version is muc… 1 month ago
Sabcoll wrote: 1 month ago Hey @thrugg_aka_trogg i linked your drop calc on this reddit thread. might be interesting for you!… 1 month ago
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