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Class: Paladin Yes
Ladder: No (Non-Ladder)
Expansion: Yes
Hardcore: No (Softcore)
Platform: PC
Region: Americas
Discord ID: SomeTallKoreanGuy#0157
In-game name: MePallyMeHammer
Forum level:

About me

If you're interested in trading please msg me through my discord handle on my profile or on any of my trades, it makes it easier to see when someone is interested since I have to keep refreshing the website to see if someone does reply to a sale. Thank you for your time! Gl & Hf out there in hell!

Trade Activity

Trust level: 7

Past (sold) trades:

Gheed's Fortune • Sold 1 week ago
Thundergod's Vigor • Sold 1 week ago
Immortal King's Soul Cage • Sold 1 week ago
Tarnhelm • Sold 1 week ago
Sigon's Shelter • Sold 1 week ago
Sigon's Wrap • Sold 1 week ago
Angelic Halo • Sold 1 week ago
Sigon's Sabot • Sold 2 weeks ago
Sigon's Guard • Sold 2 weeks ago


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