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Some thoughts on state of sorc after cold mastery nerf

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jbmc 89

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Karnacier wrote: 1 year ago
What is so OP for the Mosaic assassin? It takes time to build charges and you must hit at least every 15s to keep them. As far as i have been able to compare with my friend with an assassin it is on par with a sorc for the speed farming, less than a smiter for uber so I dont see much of what is OP. It seems that they only made a playable build for assassin from my point of view but maybe i am missing something. Anyway even with this build, assassin is my least favorite class and i get bored by it.
Yeah I agree with you.
It feels good only after you build up your charges and keep them maintained which imo can be very tedious having to ramp up all the time when starting new games or if you get unlucky and they fall off.

Where as my light sorc can do everything without needing to ramp up, literal 0 fear of losing any damage. Just zoom around and kill with out a care in the world.

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Kriss_De_Valnor_ wrote: 1 year ago
mockingbirdreal wrote: 1 year ago
BTW Doom should help a lot against immunes.
We could say it's a "cold" version of Infinity. But to be honest I have never seen a sorc with a Doom ...
This is the way


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