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I personally like to stay away from BotD just for the simple reason it lacks that juicy CB which
or Death offers (you did mention Death which I neglected as an excellent option and ty for correcting me on that). Still lack of CB on BotD IMHO offers much less flexibility with swapping some gear around (unlike what you can do with other mentioned weapons), maybe using some alternatives in the way of
or something else (for example to boost a bit of res if needed) or just playing/testing around.

I completely agree, Dracs aren't necessary at all, with naturally big LL on that build you won't feel much difference. On the other hand using something like
The Reaper's Toll
on Act 2 Merc can be of great use/addition (since I'm someone who adores
as well). I think I currently have it set up as
Holy Freeze
with Pride but I didn't manage to test it out properly. I do know I didn't have any problems at all on P1 while I was playing back then (note: also I used Reaper's with Merc on top of that), and I mostly used full Aldur's set with some ED+IAS jewels, Perfect Diamonds in shield for res and generally boosting AR (had around 22k) with a lot of dmg+life+ar charms.

Again, I have to say didn't really try Ubers with it (I mean I did but it was in P3 with 2 of my friends so I couldn't really see the impact as we plowed thru them) and DClone usually fell down quite quickly and easily even without Sunder charm. :)

Ma neeeeeeema veeeeeeeze! xd

Someone much smarter than me already said once: "The real value of something doesn't reflect in a number of how much a seller is asking for it, but on how much a buyer is willing to pay for it."
On my tests, Act 2 Merc (with
The Reaper's Toll
) or Act 5 Merc (with Lawbringer) very rarelly proc
That's why I end up testing
Bone Break
, and it worked for me.

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