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Krythic  (Contributor)


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Contributor • Helped with the growth of significantly through data input, descriptions, or informative forum posts.

About me

I'm a software engineer, and game developer. I'm currently in the process of creating my own game engine, called the Voidwalker Engine, and a game which currently does not have a name, to go along with it. You can find videos of this, and more info about I'm currently working on, on my Youtube channel: ... 8mg/videos

I also really love Diablo 2, as you probably could have guessed!

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Grim Scythe 4 socket • Sold 1 week ago


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Most active forum: Forums
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Most active topic: Monster Auxillary Data Generator v1.3
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Latest posts

Diablo's voice actor was Bill Roper, whom also voiced the archangel Hadriel. 12 hours ago
Hadriel's voice actor was Bill Roper, whom also voiced Diablo. 12 hours ago
EfficientRogue wrote: 1 day ago I dropped both amu and armor in akt 5 pindle and nith woah-we-got-a-badass-over-here.jpg 1 day ago
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