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Austinbrochill (Trader History)

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  • Sold
    Hellfire Torch
    for 1
    Hellfire Torch
    1 month ago
    Trading a 19 attribute 10 all res pally torch for a druid torch
    1d 9h Seller: Austinbrochill Buyer: thomas2905x
  • Sold Sparking Grand charm of dexterity for Fire Grand charm 1 month ago
    Trading lightning sorc skiller for Fire or cold sorc skiller
    0d 2h Seller: Austinbrochill Buyer: PurpleSquirrel10
  • Sold
    for 1
    Arachnid Mesh
    1 month ago
    Vex and Ohm
    0d 16h Seller: Austinbrochill Buyer: Daiquiri
  • Sold
    Rainbow Facet: Lightning Death
    for 1
    4 months ago
    +5/-5 death lightning facet. Asking for a Lo
    0d 8h Seller: Austinbrochill Buyer: frykken
    Total results: 4 • Page 1 of 1 is supported by ads




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