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JoeKolade wrote: 2 weeks ago
I would greatly appreciate a rush. I want to go from Normal Act 1 to Hell eventually but if you only have 5mins, any help is appreciated.
I can help but you need at lvl 20,40 to do the ancients quest at N,NM

"It's just a game"
Can help you kill Uber and DClone in both ladder and non-ladder
Is this still alive? Would appreciate 2 normal rushes.

y2k#2833 on Bnet
y2kid#1811 on Discord
Is this post still alive? Wanna seek help on hell rush
Light_Gamer wrote: 1 week ago
Is this post still alive? Wanna seek help on hell rush
I can help you with that, add me to bnet.
what is the requirement for normal rush? Is my lvl 20 toon enough for normal?
Normal Ancients' Quest requirement: lvl 20
Nightmare Ancients' Quest requirement: lvl 40
Hell Ancients' Quest requirement: lvl 60
If this is still a thing you can add me to the list. Can rush NA Ladder SC any difficulty. Just add me on Bnet. Otherwise ill try to remember to keep an eye on this thread.

If I am not responding add me on Bnet and drop me a message!
Add me can rush normal-hell ladder and nonladder


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